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Dead Bug Scout card
An "official" Dead Bug Scout card

Mike's Real Dead Bugs is:

Michael P. Branca...

(New Mexico, Georgia, Maine)
Founder, President & Executive Laminator

...and the following seventy-something individuals who are bestowed with the honor "Dead Bug Scout." Some folks have been singled out below for special recognition, due to the extravagant nature of their support. We apologize for being unable to tell each Bug Scout's individual story, as space (both on the site and within Mike's memory) is limited. If your name has been inadvertently omitted from the Bug Scout list (or included against your will) please write to complaints@mikebranca.com.

Note: States and countries listed next to names indicate (to the best of Mike's recollection) where bugs were sent from, not necessarily where a person lives.

Founding Bug Fathers and Mothers:

Donna Bruno (VT), for a vast array of Vermont specimens (complete with color-coded labels), including an enormous, distinguished water beetle.

Betty Colman (MN), for answering the call for support sent to her son Devin, who was abroad during the first bug drive. Mrs. Colman came through with multiple pill boxes of "Minnesota's Finest."

Tsandi Crew (NM), for hand-picking a quart and a half of New Mexican cicada's, thus enabling (and partially inspiring) the first Last Supper.

First Ladybug, Amy Chamberlain (ME), for being a wonderfully supportive partner (even when there's a quart jar of cicadas in the kitchen or a stinky dead bat in the mail), and personally embodying the MRDB motto: "The people. They love the bugs."

Ian Ingram (GA, Thailand, Australia), for spreading the word, and sending the bugs, from travel sites worldwide, fearing not any potential customs violations.

Serge Lehman (PA), for trying. Note to prospective donors: Dead Bugs will survive their mail flight much better if given a little more packaging than a mere envelope.

Rachel Simon (TX, ME, NY), for always coming through with a surprise shipment, whether or not an "official" Bug Drive is on.

Te Zins (NM, OR), for taking a chance on the bugs, initiating the first (and presumably last) "Bug Parade," and giving the bugs a home in Art Lab for a year and a half.

International Bug Scouts:

Michael Banarowicz (United Kingdom)

Philip Branca (Kenya, Tanzania)

Ian Ingram (Thailand, Australia)

Jesse Salisbury (Japan, NM)
(for some creepy, weird Japanese bugs)

Queen Bee Scouts:

Barb Anderson (ME)

Karen Andreas (MA)
(for so many bees)

Nona Famous (ME)
(for her whole collection, including the cedar display box)

Emily Graham (CA, IN, ME)

Heidi Kunkel (VT)
(for the tarantula skin, but not the rotten baby bat)

Dead Bug Scouts:

Michael Angulo (ME)

Kim Baranowski (ME)

Meghan Beery (IN)

Liza Berdnik (NJ)

Sarah Bergeron (AZ, CA)

Liz Blauvelt (IN)

Jane Branca (MA)

Kathleen Branca (MA)

Paul Branca (MA)

Stephanie Branca (VT)

Laurie Chamberlain (MD, ME)

Dick Clancy (NH)

Chank (MN)

Vicki Ferrini (NY)

Lauri Gordon (ME)

David Graves (ME)

Brenda Guevara (NY)

Elke Harper (MA)

Candace Hayman

Bill Holmes (ME)

Shey Hyatt (CA)

Cija Johnson (IN)

Frank Johnson (ME)

Beverly Johnston (ME)

Karen Kang (ME)

Marci Langevin (MA)

Kathy Lindgren (ME)

Nigel Lindgren (ME)

Noel Lingren (ME)

Marilyn Lucius (GA)

El Mack (MN)

Abby Manock (VT, ME)

Cindy McIntyre (ME)

Kiyoko Nikido (MD)

Holly Oeltjen (MO)

Jonathon Parsons (MA)

Satoria Pelton (ME)

Deban Piper (NM)

Marrian Pressler (MA)

Jesse Sails (ME)

Sherrie Savakinas (ME)

Tony Shreck (ME)

Jamie Spear (VT)

Steve Storz (NM)

Erica Svec (ME)

Sue Toursie (MA)

Jack Wallace (MA)

Laura Whittaker (MA)

Michael Wilson (MA)

Thank You All!!!

Mike's Real Dead Bugs

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Disclaimer: All bugs collected by Mike's Real Dead Bugs are genuine "Found Dead." Mike's does not condone the capturing, squishing or spraying of innocent live bugs for fun, art or profit. Mike's does condone the swatting of pesty, stinging bugs for personal comfort.