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Mother and Child
Mother and Child (Real Dead Bug version)


Caught whiff of your article in the local paper. Hiking the AT right now - will be here until X-mas. I will send you critters as they are available. The vast majority of included specimens found in town. All "common," threatening postures. Invading, one would suppose, the breadth of consciousness between inside the house and the great wild-er-ness.


T. S.
Normal, Illinois

(Enclosed was a travel-sized toothpaste box, fitted with hand-made separators, housing several dead bugs.)

Dear Michael,

The photograph of The Last Supper (Real Dead Bug Version) on the last page of the Utne Reader was compelling. It is hauntingly beautiful, and certainly the best piece of dead bug art I have ever seen.

I can only imagine how you and the Portland Post Office are dealing with what must be an inundation of dead bugs mailed in at your request. I haven't got a dead moth to offer, but I thought you would enjoy - if you are not already familiar with it - Annie Dillard's description of a dead moth as ressurection/saint figure in Holy the Firm.


M. P.

Dear Mike,

My name is Jesse and I am 8 years old. Here is a beetle. If you use it in a picture, let me know where I can see it.


J. S.

Dear Mike,

This is later than I expected. My mother-in-law was visiting. She is a righteous Episcopalian and was duly repulsed by The Last Supper. I was, too, but not for the same reasons. I don't like cockroaches. Enclosed find my bug collection. They do get dusty hanging around on walls. I'd forgotten how dry they can get, and bug eaten. The box smells of some bug repellant, cedar? It may be useful for some holding of critters. I will be on the lookout at fast food outside eateries as I travel through the state this week and will try to take some extra time to empty people's bug zappers. These kind of fresh bugs will certainly be more useful. I'll keep you in mind for fresher material.


N. F.
Machias, Maine

(Enclosed was a cedar specimen box, full of many incredible dead insects. Note: the bugs in The Last Supper are cicadas, not cockroaches, so fear not. Cicadas are just loud, not yucky.)

Mike's Real Dead Bugs

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Disclaimer: All bugs collected by Mike's Real Dead Bugs are genuine "Found Dead." Mike's does not condone the capturing, squishing or spraying of innocent live bugs for fun, art or profit. Mike's does condone the swatting of pesty, stinging bugs for personal comfort.