Michael Branca - Fine Art
Catalytic Conversions (2001-2004)

Fetus Cage I Fetus Cage II Foot Cage Lung Cage
Crowd Free Eye Cage Finger Cage Smile Cage
Brain Cage Open Mind Cage Broken Heart Cage Mended Heart Cage

I collected these converters off the streets of Portland as I rode my bike to work. The catalytic converter is intended to reduce toxic emissions from the automobile. But apparently they fall off a lot. You might want to check your car to make sure you've got one.

The cages are meant as a metaphor for:
* the feeling of dependence upon the conveniences of modern society
* the desire to transcend reliance on pollution-generating technology
* and the circular, catch-22, hypocritical trap this creates within the conscience.



All artwork copyright Michael P. Branca