Michael Branca - Fine Art

Wassataquoik Stream

September 17, 2011

oil on canvas

Private collection, Texas




Painting the Unknown:
Gallery owner brings artists to Roxanne Quimby's proposed national park land

By Aislinn Sarnacki, Bangor Daily News, September 21, 2011
Review of "Painting the Unknown" at Northlight Gallery, Millinocket
"When I go out plein air painting, I like to think from a hiker's point of view and to really get down into it," said Branca, who climbed down a steep slope and propped his canvas between two boulders in order to paint his composition as close to the stream as possible. "In terms of being part of a group, that's something I don't usually do, though I do often put on a backpack with my stuff and go out painting. I was painting on the top of Katahdin two days later."
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