Michael Branca - Fine Art

Art History Blender

by Michael Branca


oil paint, gold leaf, wood, mustard jar, wire

4 x 3 x 4 3/4"

For sale. Please inquire.






Actual size details:

Big, Yet Tiny
by Ray Routhier, Maine Sunday Telegram, December 9, 2007
Review of "Tiny" at Whitney Art Works
"Michael Branca took 13 works of art that are really big -- he calls them the 'greatest hits of art history' -- and made them really small. The Bath artist did painted copies of "American Gothic,' 'Whistler's Mother,' 'Starry Night' and 10 others, each less than the size of your average postage stamp. None was larger than an inch in size. Branca says he wanted to help people get a better look at these classic works.
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