Michael Branca - Fine Art
Reclamations: Very Small Works

Keyhole I Keyhole II Keyhole III Keyhole IV
Art History Blender leonardo toaster foreign policy blender american dream blender
Kouros A Nice Place (micro version) Micro Mona Tantalus Vitruvian Micro Expulsion from Eden
Last Supper (micro version) Creation of Adam (micro version) Annunciation September 11, 2001 (micro version) Diver
September 11, 2001 (mini version) A Nice Place (mini version) Ungrounded Grounded
Reliquary of Lost Faith Reliquary of the American Dream Reliquary of One Vote Reliquary of the Neglected Teeth

These works combine the use of found objects with more traditional elements of drawing or painting. By reclaiming the soul of a discarded (or generally overlooked) object, I breathe new life into the object, redefine its role, and replace old assumptions with a renewed sense of curiosity and potential.

Too often the act of looking at art is approached with the same drive-by mentality that we take into other aspects of our lives. Miniature works of art demand a slower pace than a painting that can be "taken in" from across a room. These works ask that the viewer step up close and absorb the details which might easily be missed - details in a quarter-inch-tall drawing, and the details of everyday objects which we might otherwise disregard.



All artwork copyright Michael P. Branca